Flex deployment: Using the correct mime type

Fine! You just managed to finish your first Flex-base AIR application. Using FlexBuilder’s Export Release Build…., you managed to package your deployable solution into a *.air file. Finally, you uploaded the *.air file to your web-server – and your coding mates tell you that not event a bit of an installation gets started. Too bad. What happened?

Most likely, you missed to assign the correct mime-type! Don’t forget, that you need to tell browsers, that files with *.air extensions actually are Adobe AIR installer files.

If you run Apache, adding the correct MIME type is simple:

AddType application/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zip .air

As always: Big trouble, small solution.Don’t forget, that this setting is absolutely vital! You need to set it – even if some browsers might be able to run the AIR install package with it. Most browser won’t…

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