gModeler – Flash UML modelling tool

UML – Design by picture

Most professional software designer use or at least know UML, the unified modelling language. By means of a formal visual language, software designer describe software systems. Having it roots around 1994 at Rational Software Corporation, UML finally became 2005 an ISO/IEC standard. Today, UML 2.x is able to describe functional, structural and dynamic system properties.

Tool chains for UML

While describing software systems during the specification or development phase of a software project, is a value by itself (customers are able to understand certain parts of UML), UML is even more useful with a well prepared tool chain. Users of Eclipse or Netbeans can easily add such a tool chain to their preferred IDE and generate code out of UML. Today, JAVA is probably best integrated with UML tool chains. But I even saw a generator for PHP.

A Flex tool chain for UML

Grant Skinner implemented gModeler, a UML diagramming tool for ECMA262 developers. While gModeler is a Flash application using FlashOS, ECMA262 is of interest for Flex developers too: This specification defines JavaScript like languages like Flex’s Actionscript.

The GUI of gModel ist straight and fast. Best of all this tool exports XML, HTML Doc, ASDoc, StubCode and AS 2.0 StubCode.

Give it a try and launch gModeler now! It’s nice – but probably largely unknow to the Flex community.

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